Santhikavadam Facilities

Electrical Crematorium

The Santhi Kavadam electrical crematorium houses two electrical furnaces which function from 8 AM to 6 PM. It takes two hours for cremation of a body and therefore the time slots for electrical crematorium are arranged in two hour intervals. The crematorium functions on all days from Sunday to Saturday and the services are available on all days. The rate for conducting cremation in electrical crematorium for the general public is based on the tariff passed by the Council of Thiruvananthapuram Corporation.

Conventional Crematorium

The conventional crematorium also known as mini crematorium in Santhi Kavadam consists of four furnaces which are working from 8 AM to 10 PM on all days from Sunday to Saturday. The furnaces make use of wood, coconut shell, coconut husk etc to process the body. It takes almost 4 hours for cremation of a body in the conventional furnace. A single furnace can process four bodies per day. The rate for conducting cremation in conventional crematorium for the general public is based on the tariff passed by the Council of Thiruvananthapuram Corporation.

Cremated Ashes Collection Facility

Facility is available for collecting the cremated ashes of the deceased person after cremation. The customer must inform that this service is needed during the time of registration. The necessary containers and towel must be provided by the customer at his own expense. The staff at Santhi Kavadam will collect the ashes in the container and will cover it with the towel once the cremation is completed. The customer must contact Santhi Kavadam office via phone before arriving for collecting the container with ashes.

Ambulance and Mobile Mortuary Service

The services of three ambulances are available at Santhi Kavadam for transportation of bodies. Public can book the ambulances by contacting the office. Mobile mortuary service can also be availed if needed and will be provided to the public on the basis of availability.

Smrithi Mandapam

The Santhi Kavadam houses Smrithi Mandapam which can be utilized by the public for conducting memorial ceremonies of those who are cremated in the crematorium. The mandapam has a capacity of 25 to 50 and can be booked by contacting the office. Online live streaming of the functions conducted at the Smrithi Mandapam is available.

Web Streaming Facility

One of its kind in the country, Santhi Kavadam has a live web streaming facility for ceremonies and cremations done at its facilities. The stream will be provided to the public via Smart Trivandrum website. Both electrical and conventional crematorium have this facility. Cameras are fitted in the locations where ceremony is conducted and also near the furnaces. All functions starting from ceremony to the end of cremation are available to the public via this web streaming service. The service is provided free of cost to the public.

Booking Facilities

  • A call center which functions 24 x 7 and helpline no 04712377701 / 9496434488 is available in the corporation's main office.
  • Telephonic booking can be done via call center. Details of the deceased and the person who is providing information may be given to the call center executive over the phone.
  • Direct in-person booking is available at Santhi Kavadam.
  • Booking can be done by Smart Trivandrum mobile application and also via the Smart Trivandrum website. Time slot needed for cremation can be selected by the user when booking through the app or website.

For all bookings the payment is to be done directly at Santhi Kavadam cash counter.

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